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silk pajamas for men-Luxurious Men`s Plus Size Long Sleeve Silk Sleepwear

29 Dec
silk pajamas for men

silk pajamas for men

This men`s silk sleepwear is convenient to wear. The burly wood hue and shirt collar design stress men`s gentle and charming. Real silk is satiny and lustrous like pearl, but chemical fabric isn`t like this. The fabric of this men`s silk sleepwear is slender and long. The men`s silk sleepwear is the best gift for Christmas, Valentine`s Day, birthday and your anniversary.

How to maintain your silk nightgown

1. Wash. Silk is a protein fiber (like you hair). When washing, treat it accordingly. Most silk nightgowns are washable. Wash in cool water. Do not use hot water. Do not use bleach. A cleaning agents is considered the best for silk. Do not use washing powder or alkaline soap. You should keep the silk nightgown in water for less than five minutes. Gently wash in clean water. Separate silk nightgowns from clothes in different colors when washing to avoid staining. And several drops of wax will add a better effect on the silk nightgown when washing.
2. Dry. Hang or lay flat to dry in shade. And, for best results, keep the silk nightgown out of direct sun.
3. Do not use an iron on your silk nightgown. Press the surface of your nightgown with your hands to flatten it when it is 70% dry if necessary.

Other Details

Burly Wood
Brand New in Box