cheap bedding sets-Purple Bedding Set

25 Dec
cheap bedding sets17

cheap bedding sets17

This 4-piece purple bedding set fills with strong visual impact that it combines simple color and flower pattern together, forming an elegant yet fashion style. The grayish purple hue and simple pattern of the purple bedding embody a nice expectation of life. The purple bedding can transform a room from bleak to bright and cheery in a matter of minutes.

Set includes: 1 quilt cover, 1 sheet and 2 pillowslips.

Warm Tips: Due to the batched tailoring of pillowcases, every pillowcase has slightly different in d

esign and color.

How to Clean Cotton Beddings

1. Remove the cotton bedding from the bed, along with the pillowcases. Place one set of bedding into the washer at a time to avoid over-crowding.
2. Set the

water temperature to cool. Add 2 tbsp. of a mild liquid laundry detergent to the wash water. Launder on the gentle wash

cheap bedding sets171

cheap bedding sets171

setting of the washer. Add 1/4 cup of a non-chlorine bleach to the water if needed to whiten dingy bedding.
3. Remove the bedding from the washer as soon as possible and shake them to reduce wrinkling. Place the bedding into the dryer and set the temperature to warm.
4. Dry the bedding until they feel lightly damp. Remove from the dryer and hang on a clothesline or over a clothes rack to finish drying.
5. Fold cotton bedding into a square if storing in the linen closet or place back onto the bed.

Other Details

100% Cotton
Grayish Purple
Quilt Cover: 86.61 x 94.49in (220 x 240cm)
Sheet: 98.43 x 106.3in (250 x 270cm)
Pillowslip: 18.90 x 29.13in (48 x 74cm)
Brand New in Box

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