pink silk sleepwear for women

13 Dec

Silk Sleepwear for Women 88240015

Silk Sleepwear for Women 88240015

This imitated silk pajama has the wonderful pink color and V-neck design. The pajama for women will give you a love feeling and bring you sweet dreams. The material is smooth and soft with sexy but lovely style.

Warm Tips

This pajamas belongs to a loose one, so the size is based on your height.


How to Clean Faux Silk Garment

1. Spray stain remover on any stains you find on the faux silk garment. Wait for 10 minutes and scrub the spots with a toothbrush.
2. Put the garment into the washing machine by itself.
3. Pour on top of the garment half of a capful of detergent.
4. Wash on gentle cycle using cold water.
5. Put in the dryer on low heat and fluff dry for 15 minutes.
6. Place the garment on a clothes hanger and hang up to dry.
7. Iron on cool to low heat, no steam.


Other Details

Imitated Silk

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