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2 Nov

Couple`s Large Round Black Dial Wire Mesh Steel Band Quartz Watch



Product Description

With their perfect round cases and stylish stainless steel bracelets, the timepieces exude attitude and experience. The watches` dials display hour indicators in clear Arabic numerals and minute/second indicators in fine small hatches. Metallic arrow hands and the esteemed “EYKI” logo at the top center round out these two timepieces.
Corresponding men`s watch (SKU: 89030012) and women`s watch (SKU: 89130012) are also available.


Warm Tips:
Watch and wipe moisture, sweat or dirt by a soft, dry cloth frequently. It will help to extend the life of case, band and the ring. Use a soft, dry cloth wiped off the moisture gently. Do not rub band, so that the band will not fade color or lose its luster.
Normally, 30M(3ATM) waterproof watches are designed to be used in swimming, and diving watches can be used in diving for underwater work. In order to better protect your watch and prolong its using life, we kindly advise you to keep your watch away from water, even if it is waterproof. Please note that no waterproof watch is designed to be used in hot bath or sauna, otherwise an intake of condensation water will be caused, which will damage the components under serious situation. The watch is up to the standard of water resistance by means of waterproof rubber rings mounted at lens, the back and crown. Because of the ageing of these rings as time goes on, they should be replaced regularly as required by their service condition, in order to keep good water resistant function of the watch.
To prevent movement damage caused by the leakage of electrolyte, batteries of quartz watches should be replaced immediately if the hands stop moving or the second hands move at two-second or four-second intervals instead of the normal one-second intervals. In order that your watch will serve you for many trouble-free years, we recommend that you have it checked every 2 to 3 years.


Quartz Watches Maintenance:
1. Change the watch`s battery every two years, even if it works fine. Take it to a jeweler, because he has the tools to recreate the seal on the back after he replaces the battery.
2. Take your watch to a jeweler every six months for an inspection. He will check the battery, remove thickened oil if needed and clean the parts.
3. Keep a leather strap away from water. Dry it immediately if you get it wet. Polish a metal strap with a soft, damp toothbrush to remove dirt and oil build-up.
4. Keep your watch away from sunlight and damp areas. Water can seep into the face of the watch, and sunlight can fade the strap. Strong heat or sunlight can cause the battery to leak.
5. Do not drop your watch on a hard surface, which can dislodge the crystal bar or crack the faceplate.
6. Wear your watch daily to keep it accurate. Cold quartz watches lose their accuracy but regain it once they are warmed.

Other Details

Band Material:
Stainless Steel
Dial Shape:
Male: Case Diameter: 1.57in (4.0cm), Case Thickness: 0.35in (0.9cm), Band Length: 9.06in (23cm)
Female: Case Diameter: 1.34in (3.4cm), Case Thickness: 0.35in (0.9cm), Band Length: 8.66in (22cm)
Black Dial, Silver Hands
Brand New in Box

Watches that have today become a must have accessory as alters the complete scenario of the market. Those are no more when the people use to wear watches for keeping the track of the time. Now days they have become more trendy and fashionable adding style to the person personality. Earlier there were simple round dile watches with the sleek strap of black and brown colour, these were the only two colour liked and manufactured.

But today the market scene is really different, presently you will get to find the watches that can go well with your outfit or the one that can complement your dress. There are watches differentiated for men and women plus there are also the watches that can be worn by both the genders. The best thing is there is an exclusive collection for the kids as well. Next point says that today the watches have the dile in several size and the frames that includes triangle, rectangle, square, round, oval etc. other thing that makes watches appealing is the different range of colours that they are available in. The colours used are really catchy, and they are specifically used in the kids and the women range. The colorful watches are being liked much by the youth to whom they are actually targeted.
Then there are watches with strap or chain designed exclusively, the watches with strap are preferred by the younger generation who want be trendy in the entire sense be it clothes, shoes or watches. Watches in India are doing great business since today it is everyone need. Beside need there are people especially the boys who like to keep two to three watches with then wearing a new every day. And there is no harm in it, as watches are considered to be the men most valuable asset. According to me a man is incomplete without the perfect watch that might be adding to his elegant personality. Rolex watches in India are doing really in this sense, they are making optimum watches which is an desire of each men looking forward to impress his professional mates or also someone who is precious to you being special. Rolex watches are synonymous to the elegant watches that makes the men complete in itself.


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